Brett Pearce



Part 1

How Today's Generation is Turning Home-buying on its Head

In this three-part series, we investigated how the real estate industry has changed in recent years. In Part 1, we created an interactive poll to uncover real-time insights from Millennial homebuyers..

Role: Design, Art Direction, UI, UX

Poll questions were designed to be quirky and engaging to encourage user interaction.


Part 2

The Disruptors

Using the data we collected in Part 1 of the series, we took a deeper dive into what's shaping today's real estate market through a rich-media article with custom interactive data visualizations..

Role: Design, Art Direction, Data Visualization, UI, UX

Data gathered from the survey was reimagined into playful interactive data visualizations.


Part 3

Eye on the Future

In the final piece of the series, we looked to the future of homebuying and in what ways realtors will have to adapt to the changing industry. To support the story, additional data visualizations were created using survey results and third-party data.

Role: Design, Art Direction, Data Visualization, Animation, UI, UX

Interactive data visualizations provided users with a look at how homebuying has changed throughout generations.